Tarot (Illustration, 2017-18)

Tarot is a tool for divination and reflection. It contains 78 cards- 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Many cards are traditionally overcrowded with symbolism, which is often difficult to identify--nonetheless understand--because it's so outdated. Since there are so many factors that go into a tarot reading, I aim to update and distill the imagery that I've seen in traditional Tarot decks. This in-progress set of Tarot illustrations primarily uses color theory and clean, minimalist aesthetics. 

Integrative Project/Senior Thesis (Installation, 2016)

A meditative light experience that creates kinesthetic contact with visual media, connecting the tangible to the intangible. Light and cosmic constellation-like imagery charge the space to bring out the amateur astronomer and mystic in viewers.

MAKING PICTURES (A collection of Digital Photography, 2014)

Ink Drawings (Illustrations, ongoing)

Forming letters and words inspired by Lauren Hom and illustrating/drawing/designing in ink

Tell, Then Forget About It (Installation, 2015)

How can you see and feel an image? A pairing of cinematic image and alternative screen for the class Cinematic Projection, taught by Cynthia Pachikara at U of M’s Stamps School of Art & Design.


Tangible Things: Dances Made for the Camera (Lighting Design & Tech Management, 2014)

Music and Dance Collaboration (Lighting Design, 2014)

What the Tide Brought In (Lighting Design & Performance Management, 2013)