Hey there! I’m Rebecca.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a light artist, barista, and et cetera based in the Bay Area.

I earned my degree in Interarts Performance from the University of Michigan in 2016. Since then and I’ve been juggling coffee, illustration, astrology, and performance management. People describe me as efficient, capable, supportive, and professional. When I’m not brewing coffee, drawing, or organizing binders, you can find me climbing fabrics at the nearest circus studio, stargazing, or bullet journaling.


Tarot (Illustration, 2017-18)

Tarot is a tool for divination and reflection. It contains 78 cards- 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Many cards are traditionally overcrowded with symbolism, which is often difficult to identify--nonetheless understand--because it's so outdated. Since there are so many factors that go into a tarot reading, I aim to update and distill the imagery that I've seen in traditional Tarot decks. This in-progress set of Tarot illustrations primarily uses color theory and clean, minimalist aesthetics. 

Integrative Project/Senior Thesis (Installation, 2016)

A meditative light experience that creates kinesthetic contact with visual media, connecting the tangible to the intangible. Light and cosmic constellation-like imagery charge the space to bring out the amateur astronomer and mystic in viewers.

MAKING PICTURES (A collection of Digital Photography, 2014)

Ink Drawings (Illustrations, ongoing)

Forming letters and words inspired by Lauren Hom and illustrating/drawing/designing in ink

Tell, Then Forget About It (Installation, 2015)

How can you see and feel an image? A pairing of cinematic image and alternative screen for the class Cinematic Projection, taught by Cynthia Pachikara at U of M’s Stamps School of Art & Design.


Tangible Things: Dances Made for the Camera (Lighting Design & Tech Management, 2014)

Music and Dance Collaboration (Lighting Design, 2014)

What the Tide Brought In (Lighting Design & Performance Management, 2013)

Hey.... What is a light artist?

Great question! Light Art (aka Luminism) is focused on using light as the primary medium of expression.  My artwork revolves around the theories and practices of theatrical lighting design and video projection. I add the "& etc." to my title because I also work in several other media; light is the thread that connects all my work together. 



BFA in Interarts Performance | University of Michigan, 2016

A multidisciplinary degree with practical requirements from both the school of Music, Theater, and Dance, and the school of Art & Design. Emphasis on study in theatrical lighting design, studio photography, video editing, projection, and installation work.


Stage Manager | The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Danville, CA: Sept 2018–Oct 2018

– Created and maintained contact information and scheduling documents in Microsoft Word and Google Docs
– Recorded all details of the performance and rehearsals in an organized system
– Called light, sound, and other technical cues during shows
– Oversaw the entire show each time it was performed

Barista, Shift Lead | Mighty Good Coffee
 Ann Arbor, MI: June 2017–Aug 2018

– Supervised staff and delegated tasks as necessary
– Crafted coffee drinks, carefully following company recipes and SCA standards
– Maintained cafe cleanliness and presentation
– Positively interacted with cafe customers provide quality coffee

President | Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI: Nov 2015–April 2017

– CEO of a 19-property, 550+ member non-profit student housing cooperative
– Facilitated weekly meetings of the executive committee
– Chair of the 27-member Board of Directors
– Analyzed knowledge management and updated technology use in the organization, including use of Google Drive as a collaborative tool, archiving confidential information, and updating internal policy formatting and editing procedure.
– Previously VP for Membership (2015) and Board Representative (2014-2015)

Barista, Bartender, Server | Cafe Zola
Ann Arbor, MI: June 2016-May 2017

– Provided excellent customer service to all restaurant guests
– Crafted beautiful cocktails and espresso drinks, carefully following restaurant recipes and protocol.
– Supervised front of house staff and ensured smooth and positive guest experience.

Stagehand & Camera Operator | Duderstadt Video Studio
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Oct 2013–Sept 2016

– Operated HD video cameras in a large studio space, including large and small jibs
– Assisted in organizing and managing properties and electrics in the studio

Media Assistant | Information and Technology Services
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Sept 2014–Jan 2016

– Assisted in developing, editing, and publishing video materials
– Prepared captioning for videos
– Assisted in file management for photo, video, and animation media

Production Manager, Lighting Designer | Interarts Performance Showcases
Ann Arbor, MI: 2013-2015

– Organized rehearsals and performances with a team of students and faculty twice yearly in varied venues
– Designed light plot and lighting looks for interdisciplinary cabarets for 15-20 acts
– Coordinated audio/visual setup and stagehand assistance for performances and videos
– Executed light cues and stage management during performances


Video Editing
Workflow Efficiency
Meeting Facilitation
Graphic Design
Studio Photography
Stagehand Work
Latte Art

Final Cut Pro X
Nikon DSLR
Camera RAW
Photoshop CS6
Microsoft Office
Keynote, Pages, Numbers
Google Drive
Illustrator CS6

Enthusiastic learner
Meeting Facilitator
Systematic organizer
Efficiency expert
Detail lover
Creative problem-solver
Task master
Priority balancer